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Times and costs to create a pool in Tuscany

The cost to build a pool is a variable that depends from many factors: type, structure, size, finishing, processing area. It is required to know where to start, in order to calculate the correct costs and times or any project. We can do it together, with great precision and care!

Many are the factors that affect the final cost and the times to build a pool: the type of pool, if in ground or above ground; the type of structure (if made on steel panels or reinforced concrete). In addition to that, the costs vary in accordance to the size of the work, for the various degrees of finishing of the pool itself, beside for the final use, that is the pool is a private one or for collective/public use.

If you want to get a clear idea about costs and construction times of your pool, it will be sufficient to contact us for a first meeting. Later on, it will be required to set up a first meeting which is free of charge for project and economic assessment, in order to locate the solution that is more congenial to Customer’s requests.

The times required to build a pool vary in accordance to the work itself. For some types of pools, like those made of prefab steel panels – for instance, the construction times are really fast: about 10-15 working days from works start.

Other pools, like those made of reinforced concrete with sophisticated and complex finishing, require longer construction times out of the time actually required of the various working stages and more consistent budgets, for using precious materials. In this case, e will need various weeks for the work, starting from the request of authorizations.

The cost depends also from the selected size, shape and type of structure. The cost can also vary in accordance to finishing and accessories.

He excavation, the costs for disposal, the electric connections and masonry works, in particular, are an element that cannot be determined before having assessed the project carefully and that will change a lot based upon the installation area, the shape of land and type of structure selected.

In order to get a clear, crystalline and detailed quotation, that will include all sides of the project, our advice is always to set up a first meeting, then a free inspection, and then determine with us an indicative budget and the type of project desired. This way, before starting, the Customer could have clear in his/her mind the costs for the whole process and construction times. 

In order to save and have no hiches whatsoever, we always recommend our TURNKEY pools construction service.

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