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Which authorization to build a pool in Tuscany? We will take care of them!

In order to construct an in ground pool in Tuscany there is the requirement to follow a well defined bureaucratic procedure. In fact swimming pool are not part of free construction. This means there is need to proceed step by step discovering the ties for any specific area where you want to construct the pool that govern its construction in the related Municipality.


After having verified what can and cannot be done in that specific area, it is possible to proceed to request an authorization, which is required every time he intervention entails a change in the land, in the event of a new pool there is the need to request an authorization to build, in the event of refurbishing interventions, in many cases it is possible to speed things up through a CILA. In areas considered to be particularly worthy it is almost required to request a preliminary authorization before the authorization to build.

NOTE: it is important to realize that the authorizations differ a lot from City Hall to City Hall and that in some areas is more simpler and easier to get the authorization rather than in other ones. The rules change not only at Regional level but mostly at City Hall level.

In most cases asking for a SCIA is not sufficient, just because building a pool entails a huge transformation of the land. Just out of the variability of the rules according to the region, City Hall and areas a big experience and professionalism are required in order to get the authorization as fluently and quickly as possible with no hitches or delays.

Our company takes care of all the procedures for construction authorizations in a complete manner, even through a decade long cooperation with specialized experts. Our expertise in this sector allows us to immediately realize which are the authorizations required and how to gain them through well defined projects, the deep knowledge of local regulations and a continuous dialogue with the Technical bodies responsible for granting the authorizations of which we know methods and times.

This is why we often recommend our customers to entrust us this side of the project as well, which represents the main critical step: gaining the authorization to build, in order to allow the project to start in compliance with the most absolute legal terms and of the area landscape constraints. 

Is there a chance to build a pool without authorization? Sure, you can see which pools belong to this category or read the other article on our blog that address pools with no authorization required!

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