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Here are some questions we get from our Customers over the year. Obviously, for more detailed and in depth answers, you should directly get in touch with us via e-mail or telephone.

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1. How much does a swimming pool cost? How can I get a detailed and complete estimate?

The cost to build a swimming pool represents a variable that depends from many factors: from the swimming pool type (if in-ground or above ground), from its structure type (if in steel panels or reinforced concrete panels).
Moreover, all costs obviously vary in accordance to the size of the work, to the various degrees of the swimming pool finishing, beside to its end use (id it is a private swimming pool or if it will be used for tourists accommodation/public).
In order to have a detailed estimate you should get in touch via email or telephone and later set up a free of charge inspection in order to assess its design and costs having the purpose to find the solution that will suit best the Customer, in terms of times, work and budget requirements.

2. How long will it take to build a swimming pool?

The required time to build a swimming pool vary, according to the work that needs to be accomplished.
For some type of pools, like prefab ones with steel panels, the realization times are real fast: about 10-15 working days since work began.
Other pools, like those made of reinforced concrete with more complex finishing, require more extended construction times just due to the technical times required by the various working phases (weeks and/or months according to size and finishing types).

3. Do you offer turnkey services?

Our company can provide a 360 degrees management in the various working phases to build a swimming pool, from free of charge inspection to drafting a detailed estimate, up to the excavations, the finishing and the final arrangement of the surrounding environment like green areas and furnishing.
Our TURNKEY service allows the customer to avoid any kind of setbacks, since we only use internal workers and machinery, beside saving lots of time and money on the final cost for the pool and garden.

4. What kind of guarantees do exist on your pools?

Our company issues all the statutory warranties on pool construction at the moment the pool will be tested.
Steel panels prefab Busatta pools are also provided of warranties from the parent company for 20 or 30 years, which are absolutely unique in this field.
Garden Pool is also able to offer customers , on new constructions, the possibility to draw up a ten years direct insurance policy on the work.

5. Which authorizations are required to construct a pool? Will you take care of these?

In order to create an in-ground pool, there is the need to get a Municipal grant with the authorization to build.
Some types of restructuring works instead can be done without need of any building permit or with a simple communication starting work.
Garden Pool will always take care of executing all the required building paper works, following the various bureaucratic phases up to the issuance of the authorization to build, this relieving the customer from this annoying and often difficult commitment.
Thanks to our cooperation with specialised technicians, our company can take care of processing all paper works rapidly and efficiently, allowing the Customer to save time and money.

6. Is there any possibility to construct a pool without authorizations?

Some kind of pools, like above ground pools or mini-pools and whirlpools, don't require any authorization.

7. What is the best season to build a pool?

The building of a pool can begin at any time of the year.
Garden Pool always recommends to start building in winter too, in order to allow the surrounding land to settle before completing the arrangement of the green areas.

8. Is it possible to build a pool rapidly?

The required time to build a swimming pool vary according to the work that has to be done.
For some types of pools, like the prefab steel panels ones, the realization times are real fast, about 10-15 working days from works start.
In few weeks, without the protraction of long construction worksites, it will be possible to build an in-ground pool for all the purposes.

9. Which regulations govern the construction of pools in Tuscany? Is it also up to the Municipality?

Concerning the construction of in-ground pools, in Tuscany you will have to get an authorization to build.
Based upon location, there may be some ties like landscape, hydrogeological, however a simple investigation with the relevant Technical Unit will reveal all the required steps.

10. How does swimming pool maintenance cost? Will you take care of that?

Garden Pool can offers all of its customers a post sale customer care service with maintenance contracts or just simple on call works. Our swimming pools are easy to be maintained also by the end user.
At the moment of the final test we also issue the documents related to the installations functionality and complete explanations of the maintenance works to be carried out every week.
In addition to that Garden Pool can also build systems that are automatically managed using domotics or semi automatic, minimising maintenance obligations for customers.

11. Is it possible to restructure an old swimming pool?

Every swimming pool, after years of deterioration, requires restructuring or upgrading works. Our company is specialised in the field of restructuring private or public swimming pools. Our company is able to assess and recommend solutions to adapt swimming pools to the regulations in force:
  • -from Tuscany Regional Law L.R. 9 march 2006, n.8 and related Implementation Rules
  • D.P.G.R. Dated 26/02/2010n.23/R (Rules concerning sanitation requirements for swimming pools).
  • -from the Italian Regulations UNI10637 – Swimming pools: Circulation system requirements, treatment, disinfection and swimming pool's water quality.
The restructuring work begins with an inspection on location and swimming pool condition analysis. Later on, we usually will undertake various restructuring proposals, which will be evaluated together with the customer, in order to find the best technical and cost effective solution.
Restructuring a swimming pool can involve either its structural or installations side (pipes, recirculation system, filtering system), including finishing like PVC sheets or stone/stoneware finishing, up to lighting revision.

12. Which are the differences between the various filtering systems of a pool?

The most common filtering systems for private or public pools are sand filtering, cartridge filtering, sand filtering using filters filled up with AFM glass materials electrostatically charged or using filters diversely filled up with sand and zeolite materials.
La filtrazione a cartuccia viene utilizzata per la maggiore in piscine di piccole dimensioni,
The most common and reliable filtering system is the sand one that combines an excellent filtration to weekly changes of water through filters washing.
Garden Pool, is able analyzing each case, to propose the best filtering solution for your pool, always paying good attention to energy saving and environmental compliance, proposing systems with variable speed pumps with permanent magnets, that during a year will make customers save a lot on their energy bill.

13. From cadastral level, having a swimming pool, will my residence be part of luxury homes category?

Building a swimming pool in itself does not imply your residence to become part of luxury homes category.
There is a Public Works Ministry order dated 2 August 1969 that says that single family homes will be part of the luxury home category if the swimming pool has a surface of at least 80 sm.
Therefore, not overcoming the 80 sm threshold, the requirements for entering the luxury homes category are that beside the pools there would also exist 3 more buildings specified in the order's table, for instance: habitable area over 160 sm, patios with usable floor area over 65 sm, elevators, lifts, tennis court, precious finish for floors or ceilings etc.etc.

Who will take care to arrange the garden and surrounding environment after the pool had been built?

Our company boasts its internal capacity of having highly qualified personnel able to plan and arrange the swimming pool surrounding areas too.
Our company can also recommend how to arrange the green areas by providing for type of plants in tune with the surrounding environment.
Our philosophy consists of creating a garden that will provide the right room for the plants, respecting the environment and using species that won't need much water and maintenance.
Our company is also able to design and construct gazebos, pergolas, shade sails according to the requirements and room available.
The wide selection of stones and gravel types, on display at our showroom nursery, allows us also to create walkways and squares, either standing on sand or walled.
Planting is carried out by specialised gardeners, who have been operating since over 25 years in the field.

15. Will it be possible to integrate a Jacuzzi in the pool?

In the planning phase it is very easy to integrate a Jacuzzi area inside a pool. Usually can be used for such purpose the entrance stairs or we can install the Jacuzzi on dedicated benches or seats.
Jacuzzi can be a traditional one with water-air targeted jets pushed by specific pumps. In addition to that, hydromassage systems with Geyser effect blower can be installed as well.

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